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Husqvarna 230iB 40V Leaf Blower w/ Battery



  • $299
  • Fuel Type: Gas

    Husqvarna 230iB 40V Leaf Blower

    • Husqvarna 230IB 40V Leaf Blower w/ 4ah Battery
    • Boost button for 20% more power, to clear wet leaves or heavy debris, just press the 230iB blower’s boost button for an extra push of power
    • Setting the cruise control on the 230iB blower makes it easy to clean up big areas without holding down the trigger
    • Low noise and zero emissions, because the 230iB blower is quiet and fume-free, it can be used in the garage, the shed and other enclosed areas
    • Speedy charge time, the 230iB blower’s lithium-ion battery charges up quickly, which is helpful when there’s a lot of work to do!
    • The 230iB blower can be used all-year-round for a variety of tasks, like drying a car after a wash or cleaning the garage
    • The 230iB blower uses the same 40-volt battery used with other Husqvarna tools like the 220iL trimmer
    • Premium one-touch control pad with LED indicator, the control pad on the 230iB blower is simple to use. It’s easy to tell right away whether the tool is on or off.
    • Lightest blower in its class at only 8.4 lb
    • The extended charge on the 230iB blower’s battery ensures there’s plenty of time to get the job done
    • The debris scraper at the end of the 230iB blower helps with removing wet leaves and cleaning out gaps in the sidewalk
    • Most powerful blower in its class at 650 CFMs
    • The perfectly balanced design of the 230iB blower ensures less strain on arms, shoulders and back during operation
    • Includes 1 blower, battery and charger
    • Weight: Approximately: 15.21 pounds
    • Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 39 x 10.87 x 6.37 inches


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